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About us

Too many nonprofit clubs and groups lack the support they need when it comes to financial management.

Dealing with banking, dues collection, expenses, and tax reporting can get overwhelming when you're running a nonprofit club as a volunteer.

This is why we created Crowded – an all-in-one platform for managing banking and finances for nonprofit membership clubs.

With Crowded's free platform, your nonprofit club can enjoy banking accounts designed for individual or multi-chapter organizations, quick officer handovers, digital Visa® member cards for expenses, and a streamlined dues collector that makes running your organization simple and accessible.


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Our values



Every financial action on our app is made as easily as updating your status on Twitter. Any club volunteer can seamlessly run our platform.



You don't need to be an accountant in order to manage your club money. We make banking, collecting, and spending group funds easy to understand and control.



With our FDIC-insured banking partner, we make it possible for you to feel assured that your funds are safe, secure, and stored responsibly. 


Our team

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Daniel Grunstein

Co-Founder and Chief Executive


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Ryan Berman

Head of Product and Strategy

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Darryl Gecelter

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

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Itay Ben Ami

VP Operations

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Dvir Hanum

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer 


Karen Avidar

Head of Content and Marketing


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