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How to use Crowded's digital Visa® debit cards for your organization's expenses

In a rut because you have to manage an unreasonable amount of reimbursements for your nonprofit organization? Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed by trying to keep track of your organization's expenses? Let's talk through how your nonprofit can use our digital Visa® debit cards to clean up the mess.

The problem with reimbursements for nonprofits

Relying on reimbursements to manage your nonprofit's expenses can be a real pain in the a**. When you only have one physical card for your organization, you cannot expect each of your members to use it for expenses.

Without a better solution, nonprofits are forced to use reimbursements to manage their expenses. The issue is, reimbursements are complicated.

Using reimbursements requires your members to save their receipts, remember to submit them on time, and remember to stay on budget. Then, it requires a lot of effort on your treasurer's part to keep track of everyone's reimbursements and pay members back on time.

What ends up happening?

Your members go over budget, lose their receipts, and ask for reimbursements months after their purchases were made. Eventually, when your organization has to submit their end of year reporting, everything gets a bit too messy.

We are here to tell you that there's a better way to manage your nonprofit's expenses.

Crowded's digital Visa® debit cards

Crowded is a financial technology company that offers a first-of-its-kind banking and financial management app for nonprofit groups.

Our mobile-first, user-friendly app offers plenty of features that make managing your nonprofit's funds easy, straightforward, and accessible.

First off, we help your organization entirely get rid of reimbursements with our digital Visa® debit cards.

With Crowded, you can issue digital Visa® debit cards to any of your members to use for organizational expenses.

How do our digital Visa® debit cards work?

Your account admin, usually your organization's president or treasurer, can choose which members receive a digital debit card, decide how much money to put on each card, and receive all of the receipts and transaction history right to their mobile device. In addition, your account admin has the power to freeze or unfreeze members' cards, redeem funds that were never used, or add more funds when a member runs out of money.

Our digital debit cards are a game-changer when it comes to nonprofit expenses and make life easier for everyone involved. Crowded gives your organizational leadership the control it needs to keep your budget on track and make your organization's transaction history clean and transparent.

Getting started with Crowded

In addition to our digital Visa® debit cards, Crowded offers several other custom-built features for nonprofit organizations such as an easy way to collect and track payment requests, manage organizational events, and much more!

Creating a Crowded account is free and easy to get up and running for your nonprofit.

Interested in getting more information and hearing how our features can work for your organization?

Let's set up a time to chat.

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